Insert records (multiple) into a table using single query in sqlserver

13 Aug

create table tblEmp (eid int, ename varchar(20), estatus bit)


basic: insert into tblEmp values (0,’emp’, ‘True’)

insert into tblEmp select 1,’emp1′,’True’

union all select 2,’emp2′,’True’

union all select 3,’emp3′,’True’


insert into tblEmp values (1,’emp1′,’True’),(2,’emp2′,’True’),(3,’emp3′,’True’)

If table not exist in database then:

select * into tblEmp from (select 1 eid,’emp1′ ename,’True’ estatus) tbltemp

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Posted by on August 13, 2012 in .NET, SQL SERVER


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